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Copper Casserole

1.Tuffen Casserole No.5 - 9.2" Dia, Material: Steel Copper, Color: Silver Copper, Weight: 1510 Gram, Volume: 2200 ML, Height: 6", Width: 9.2"

2.KEEPS FOOD HOT FOR LONGER Air pocket between the two layers provides insulation for your food

3.Elegant And Attrtactive Design- it has a classy look and attractive design which makes it perfect for use in Hotels Home Restaurants. It can also be used as a gift item for both men and women

4.Aarush International Metal Ware Products are Artisan Crafted and Handmade. They are made by skilled craftsmen in India.

5.Copper Products Tarnish/oxidize over time, this is Natural for Copper products. Please follow the care Instruction manual for cleaning Copper products. Sample Copper Cleaning powder and instruction manual is provided with every order

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