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Designer Wooden Pooja Temple With Double Drawer And LED Lighting rating

  • Weight (in Kgs) : 29.00
  • Size (L x B x H - in inches) : 24.00 x 18.00 x 54.00

Mandir is water resistant and very easy to clean with mild soap solution. All lattice / Jali work is cut with high precision laser machinery and is covered by glass..

We brings to you classical mandir in a contemporary finish and style. Mandir is water resistant and very easy to clean with mild soap solution. All lattice / Jali work is cut with high precision laser machinery and is covered by glass like clear sheet to avoid dust and fume settlement.  

  • Base Material: Sturdy Engineered Wood / Marine Ply - 18mm Thick
  • Durability: Water Resistant, sturdy, durable wooden mandir
  • Lighting: Long Lasting, Hi illumination LED lighting
  • Cleaning: Easy to Clean, no dust settlement as Jali/ Grill is covered with flexi glass
  • Decoration Material: Brass bells and latkans comes with Mandir


Designer Wooden Mandir with Storage Drawer

New, elegant, modern wooden mandir concept with inbuilt storage drawer.

Wooden Mandir Powered with high illumination LED lighting 

The designer mandir is powered with high luminescent lights so no need of decorating mandir with series or jhalars.

High value, long lasting wooden mandir

These mandirs are created with all modern materials viz. engineered wood, plywood, solid surfaces, texture finishes etc.

Comes with complete decoration material

Mandir comes with ghantis, latkans and other decoration materials. Also a provision of glass on base top has been applied to keep the it maintenance free. 

Comes in flat pack (DIY ) do it yourself packing

Our mandir range comes in flat pack sturdy packing which is true space saver and protects our mandirs in transit damage. Our manual helps in utmost easy fixing of screws to assemble the mandirs yourself. Its extremely easy to affix.


Product Composition & Material Information We use industry standard, long lasting and highly durable marine plywood, engineered wood and wood polymer composites for base structure. The surface finish is created by applying solid surfaces (acrylic) and texture boards. Kindly note we DO NOT USE any laminates, paper laminates or chemical based painting solutions.
Cleaning & Maintenance All given lattices/jali cutting are sandwiched between clear glass like solid surface and hence easy to clean and maintain. Further the mandir can be cleaned by applying regular mild soap solutions or cleaning agents.
Power Consumption
Power The mandir has LED lighting composed in backlit layout and gives soothing golden illumination. Complete lighting is derived from an SMPS Driver unit connected through a jack placed behind the back of Mandir and can be easily replaced without opening the mandir in the event of a breakdown.
Accessories & Inclusions
Decoration Material & Utilities Included Decoration materials such as Ghanti's, Latkans shown in the product image are included with the mandir. You can further use the hangers and jharokha for fixing flower mala etc.
Not Included
Glass Top Glass top (optional) can be kept on the base for extra durability of the wooden base. Please note Glass Top is not provided with the mandir as it usually tends to break in transit. Glass Dimensions for this Mandir is : 604 mm x 419 mm. Glass Thickness: 5 mm or 6 mm

Prodcut Information

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